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Laptop Tray Assembly Instructions


  1. Spring attachment
    • Attach the spring to the underside of tray using the 2 short Bolts, washers and nuts.
    • Insert bolt through washer, through tray and loosely attach a nut from the top side of the tray
    • Insert spring so that it is between the washer and the laptop tray.
    • Tighten the bolt and nut making sure that the spring is secured between the washer and the tray.
    • The spring should be under tension.
  2. Attach the laptop finger grips
    • Loosely attach the laptop finger grips using 4 bolts washers and nuts.
    • The bolts should go through the fingers, through the slots in the side of the tray and secured with the nuts on the inside of the tray.
    • Do not tighten the fingers at this time as you will need to position them to allow access to your laptop's ports and disks.
    • Tighten the fingers once you have identified their optimal position for your laptop configuration.
  3. Attach the RAM Ball
    • Align 4 holes in the base of the RAM ball with the 4 holes in the center on the underside of the tray.
    • Attach the ball using the 4 bolts and nuts supplied
    • The nuts go into the holes from the top side of the tray.

    Finger Height Adjustment