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Swing Arms and Extensions


 12" Double Swing Arm - with Ball

MSRP        $ 70.48

Our Price      $ 63.32

  • The double swing arm includes two (2) 6" long arms with a Tele-Pole connection hole at one end and a 1.5" diameter ball with 2.5" diameter plate on the other end.
  • The ball attaches to laptop trays, tablet PCs and other devices.
  • The two swing arms connect with a bolt and knob system.
  • With a simple turn of the knob you can pivot the swing arms at the center point and then tighten the knob to lock the arms in place.



  6" Swing Arm Socket Extension

MSRP         $ 42.79

Our Price  $ 38.45

  • 6" swing arm has a 1.5" Ball  & socket receiver on one end, ball bearing & washer set, and tightening knob with bolt, on the other end.
  • Attaches to either the Tele-Pole or to an extension swing arm.
  • Connects to the 1.5 " ball that holds the RAM Mount Laptop Tables, Tough Docks, Tablet PCs or UMPC cradles.


  6" Swing Arm Extension

MSRP       $ 26.40

Our Price $ 23.72

  • 6 " double swing arm extension for the RAM Vehicle Mounts .
  • Connects between the top of the RAM Tele-Pole and the RAM-VB-109-2 or
  • Can be added to the double swing arms to increase swing arm reach by an additional 6 " for a total of 18 ".


  12" Double Swing Arm  - No Ball

MSRP          $  58.01

Our Price    $ 52.12

  • Includes both the RAM-VB-109-2U & the RAM-VB-109-3U
  • Does not include the ball