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  Remove-A-Pole Quick Disconnect

MSRP       $ 45.99

Our Price $ 43.49

RAM-VB-REM1   Tele-Pole Quick Release

  • The Remove-A-Pole allows any RAM Vehicle Laptop Tele-Pole System to be easily removed.
  • Simple to use, pull the spring loaded locking safety pin and the entire Tele-Pole with Laptop System is easily removed from the vehicle base.
  • All that's left is a small discrete vehicle base with Quick Release Male Spud.
  • Retro-fit it to any new or existing system within minutes and enjoy the pleasure of completely removing your RAM Laptop Mount.
  • Leaving you the maximum amount of room for passengers and or other items that require extra precious cargo space.



  • Attach bottom male spud to the vehicle base using the four (4) bolts, nuts and washers provided.
  • Attach the upper female receptor to the bottom of the Tele-Pole with the four (4) bolts, nuts and washers provided with the Tele-pole.
  • Insert the Tele-Pole with the Quick Release into the male spud on the base and push the locking pin into position.
  • To remove, pull the locking pin outward and remove the Tele-pole assembly