Leverlockz  LED Installation Kit


Tools Needed

·         1 Weather Proof Push Button Switch with Boot

·         2-3M Automotive Adhesion Promoter-  Sponge Applicator Packet

·         1-Weather proof fuse holder

·         3 Amp ATC fuse

·         1’ Black wire, 18 AWG

·         1’ Red wire, 18 AWG

·         10 Tie wraps

·         2 Heat Shrinkable insulated terminals

·         2 Cage Clamp® connectors

·         2 Blue butt connector (heat shrinkable)

·         1’ 3M Double Side Tape

·               1’ Red wire, 18 AWG

·               Tools Needed

·               Screwdriver (flat and Philips)

·               Wire Cutters

·               Wire Strippers

·               Wire Crimpers

·               Heat gun or blow dryer

·               Open End Wrenches

·               Razor Blade Cutting Tool



1.                   Always wear appropriate safety gear including safety glasses when soldering or performing any electrical work. It is highly recommended that safety glasses be worn throughout this installation process. Temperature of bike must be at least 60 degrees F. for tape to properly cure. Read all directions before starting project.

2.                   Turn fuel supply valve to off position before starting. Be sure bike is on level surface and secure and cool.

3.                   Important: Disconnect negative battery cable from battery; refer to owner’s manual. Failure to do so may result in electrical shock, injury, or fire. Secure negative battery cable away from positive side of battery and all other positive voltage sources on bike.

4.                   Select hidden locations to mount Stingerz to provide best coverage.

5.                   Clean mounting locations on motorcycle with 3M promoter, promoter sponge will dry up quickly, place sponge in sealed plastic bag when not in use. Do not touch 3M promoter with bare fingers

6.                   Select appropriate mounting location for push button switch. Place 3M tape on switch and mount switch on bike, place waterproof boot on switch.

7.                   Route both red and black wires from Stingerz back to central points near battery compartment under seat. Route wires such that they not interfere with normal operation of bike. Cut off any excess wires, strip back insulation as required.

8.                   Select several locations to secure wires to frame. Secure wires using tie wraps provided.

9.                   Join all black wires from LEDs to piece of 18 AWG black wire using the supplied Cage Clamp Connector.

10.               Take remaining end of 18 AWG black wire and route to frame ground on bike. Use terminal connector to connect to frame ground or negative side of battery, insert wire and crimp.

11.               Join all red wires from LEDs to remaining Cage Clamp Connector. Connect one end of Red 18AWG into Cage Clamp Connector.

12.               Connect one end of push button switch to 18 AWG Red with Blue butt connector. Crimp wires in butt connector..

13.               Connect remaining end of push button switch to one end of fuse holder with a blue butt connector, insert wire and crimp.

14.               Place remaining terminal connector on remaining wire of Fuse holder. Crimp wire in terminal connector.

15.               Connect end of Fuse holder with spade terminal to Positive (+) side of battery. Take necessary precautions when making connection and refer to bike’s owner’s manual. DO NOT allow any tools to touch both positive (+) side of battery and any metal surface on bike as it will cause a short which could result in serious injury and damage to the battery or other electrical circuits.

16.               Secure any remaining wires with tie wraps.

17.               Heat heat shrinkable Connectors with heat gun or blow dryer until it shrinks down around wires.

18.               Reconnect Negative Battery terminal to negative side of battery taking necessary precautions not to touch positive side of battery or any positive cable.

19.               Place fuse in fuse holder and replace cover.

20.               Turn on switch and check operation of all lights. Allow double-sided tape to bond for 72 hours before exposing to water.

Cage Clamp Connectors


Open the clamping point using one of the small orange colored levers so that the lever engages and keeps the clamping point in its opened position.

The stripped wire can then be inserted into the clamping unit. When this is accomplished, the lever should be returned to its closed position flush with the terminal block housing. This reliably prevents accidental unclamping of a connected wire.

Strip wire 9 - 10 mm. Use the stripped wire gauge on the back of the connector to verify correct strip length.

Connection: Push up lever and insert conductor...

. . . then push down lever to its closed position.