Complete Audio system for Open Face or Flip-Up Helmets

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High Fidelity 3G Headset System for


Full Face Helmets 


Click here for  BMW,  J&M CB2003,  J&M Integrator

AUD-3GFULL                          $ 221.00  



  • Stereo high fidelity speakers with soft mount pouches.

  • High fidelity chin-bar surface mount internal Microphone

  • 3G Main Module with a 5-pin jack and a 1/8" input/output jack for additional ear-buds or audio input device

  • 12" Kevlar core reinforced upper cable

  • 5-Pin coiled Lower cable

  • Installation supplies and instructions

Standard 5-Pin Cables will fit:

  • Honda Goldwing GL1500, GL1800

  • Yamaha Venture

  • Kawasaki Voyager  (pre-2008 5-Pin)

  • Some 5-Pin Hand Held CB Systems


Click here for installation instructions & options.



3 Year no-nonsense manufacturer warranty.


This headset is designed to work with open face, half shell (Shorty), and Flip-up (Clam-shell) helmets for factory audio systems or EdSet cables to plug directly into your GPS or MP3 player



You can replace the lower cable and use this headset with many other systems, including a

6-Pin handlebar CB, Bluetooth GPS like the Zumo, and even iPod and similar devices.  Call for more info on your application.



Gold Plated Connectors Industry standard Molex connectors for speaker and microphone plugs/jacks, standard DIN/Mini-DIN 5 and 6-Pin connectors for bike, and upper lower cords
Helmet Styles This headset is designed for typical Open Face (3/4" Shell), Flip-Up (Clam-Shell / Modular) Helmets, and can be used on N-Com helmets and others by mounting normally over or close to any manufacturer's mounting features.
Kit Contents

Weather Plugs: The 3G headsets have three jacks for an external mic, an audio in/out jack, and the upper cable jack. Rubber weather plugs are provided to keep rain and dust out of these connectors.


Adhesive Primer: One vial of 3M Primer 94 is included to ensure that our patented mounting system has maximum strength.


Foam Backing: This foam backing pad is not required, but is included to improve the looks of the 3G module by filling in any small variations in the shape of helmets vs the shape of the 3G module.

Audio Components

High Fidelity Speakers: 1.6" diameter x 3/8" thick (including pouch and mounting fasteners) , 8-Ohm, 50 - 20Khz, 86dB/w SPL, 0.2W power max, continuous operation at 0.175mW


Microphone:  1" square chinbar surface mounted microphone for full face or modular helmet mounting. 550-Ohm dynamic moving-coil element, 50-20Khz response

Audio Cables

Construction: All cables are made with stranded Kevlar to ensure that the helical wound electrical conductors never take any mechanical loads, ensuring long life.


Upper cable: Gold plated straight 5mm cable plugs into 3G module, is removable and can be left in place indefinitely.

Lower Cable: Lower cable with 5-Pin DIN compatible with all Asian 5-Pin factory systems. Upper connector to mate with EdSets Upper Cable only.

Speaker Pouches The patented speaker pouch is made from helmet liner padded material for comfort and acoustic transparency, and with sturdy backs for mounting with Velcro. Speakers may be mounted in the pouches or without pouches in helmets that have pockets or skirts.

AUD-3GFULL-6                         $246.00 

Same as above except has 6-Pin Lower cable

Standard 6-Pin Cable will fit:

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