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Advanced Motorcycle Headsets

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Rich Hi-Fi Sound from SPEAKERS with the highest power handling ability in the industry. Low distortion performance at any level up to max volume setting. You will enjoy our patented acoustics-enhancing speaker mounting pouches, which deliver sound you never expected in a helmet. No more “hockey puck” speakers pressing on your ears, just the soft, comfortable, and removable/washable EdSets acoustic speaker pouches.




Natural Voice® high-output MICROPHONES for higher voice-to-noise ratio and the most natural voice communications anywhere. Ride leaders love the strong “better than-FM Radio” voice sound they transmit over CB and Intercom. Use less intercom volume and be heard better than ever before. It includes wind noise reduction that works amazing.


Imagine cables that won’t let you down. With reliable Gold Plated pins and connectors, Kevlar Core strength, and strain relief that works, you worry less and enjoy more.




The EdSets 3G Module mounts on ANY helmet and has unique features for audio input and output including an earbud/iPod jack and a second microphone connector that can be used for recording or external microphones. The 3G module uses a patented “no-tools” mounting system that never comes loose, does not mar your helmet and is easy to move to your other helmets for different riding seasons. You have a Goldwing headset, but like the idea of the iFI for your iPod because your AUX input is already in use with a GPS or Radar Detector? Just plug iPod into the audio jack on the back of the 3G module and you’re there! It works just like iFi. Also, if you have a passenger that does not have a headset, no problem, just plug their headphones or earbuds into your 3G module and they can hear what you hear!


EdSets accessories, like our microphone splitter harness, make it easy to integrate your cell phone, Bluetooth GPS and motorcycle factory audio system, easily and at the lowest cost of any other solution. Our products pass the ‘KISS’ test for simple and elegant design that stays out of the way of your touring experience.



If you never use phone, intercom or CB & just want helmet speakers for your iPod, then the EdSets iFi speaker kit is made for you, and if you upgrade to a 3G headset, save money since your iFi speakers will work with it! iFi works with any device that works with standard 1/8” headphones.


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